Our Disciplines

Our ability to attract, hire, and retain world-class creative talent is only partly due to our network-building strategies and years of experience. In large part, it has everything to do with the strong emphasis we put on building lasting human relationships.

That is the business we are in – the business of building relationships and bringing aligned minds together.

We build relationships with our clients, nurturing intentions, needs, and challenges. We build relationships with the candidates we look to present our clients, and we mediate as the two become one. From event recruiting to tradeshow recruitment – we take care of it all.

Our unique outside perspective gives us the upper hand in finding only the most talented creatives for our clients.

You can go anywhere and find data and analytic processes. Those are standards in talent search. Finding someone that comprehends your vision enough to find suitable personality matches for those visions is a different story.

We are that different story.

Event, Creative, & Tradeshow Recruitment

Our systematic search approach and screening process are what set us apart. We don’t just look at exclusive market insights or rely on our industry expertise. We know that what matters most is that your team of creatives aligns with your vision, culture, and needs.

Our culture and data-driven search process feature five core phases:


Requirement Gathering

More so than just professional background, technical competencies, and compensation, finding the perfect candidates for our clients stems from diving deeper. We kick things off with a 1-on-1 meeting with your hiring manager to get a crystal-clear understanding on what makes your company or agency tick. We use this insight to find the perfect cultural fit for you.


Source & Screen

After our initial conversations with clients, can we source and screen the market’s top professionals by leveraging our authority in market intelligence, extensive professional network, and applicant tracking tools.



Only the best candidates make it through our intensive screening process and land on your hiring manager’s desk for selection. You can trust every candidate we present is highly qualified and a perfect match for your personalities and preferences.



Our process is all about follow-through. We’ll be there to provide logistical support throughout the entire interview process. Immediately after the interview, we will go over each candidate together with your hiring manager.



Once final selections are made, we help negotiate and extend the offer to the candidate. We will even stay through the transition and onboarding processes because our job isn’t complete until we know your team of creatives exceeds your expectations.