Say goodbye to outdated techniques and processes.

EFM Recruiting utilizes industry-best practices alongside relationship-building to put the “human” back in Human Resources Management.

Founder, recruiter, and your jane-of-all-trades, Erin Monahan, has dedicated her entire career to building a network of industry-leading and highly innovative experiential specialists, brands, and tradeshow exhibitioners.

After launching her career with the William Morris Agency, she quickly moved up to Talent Buyer at Nederlander Concerts, working for award-winning venues, including the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and the Grove of Anaheim.

After amassing years of experience working with creative teams, she began her focus as a recruiter for creative teams at Sparks in the marketing and event industry. This led to expansive work for Silicon Valley tech companies that finally realized that she was meant for more. Thus, EFM Recruiting was born.

Founder, recruiter, and your jane-of-all-trades, Erin Monahan